Submission Guidelines

600 Second Saga is currently taking submissions. Submission guidelines are below, if you have questions please feel free to contact me.


Please submit:

  • Flash fiction pieces between 750 and 1,000 words (complete stories)
  • Science fiction and fantasy
  • The show is Clean (if you aren’t sure, contact me, basically don’t swear)
  • Reprints welcome


  • You retain all your rights – reprints are encouraged – give me a place to point people if they’d like to buy your work or to read more by you
  • I also look forward to sharing links to your book, website, social media platform, or podcast
  • I can work with you if you’d like a copy of your audio for another project as well – contact me if you have question

When will you get back to me?

I’ll review your story and usually will get back to you within a week. If you haven’t heard within 10 days please query through email.

Please log your submission on The Submission Grinder.


How do I submit?

  • Email your flash fiction to with 600 Second Saga Submission in the subject
  • Include:
    • Story title
    • Name (and how to pronounce it please!)
    • A short bio in 3rd person please (100-150 words, if you contact me, I can look at your story to see how many bio words will fit)
    • Links
    • Flash Fiction attached as a .doc/.docx/.rtf
    • One sentence summary or tagline

Anything else?

Please only one submission at a time, once a piece has gone live you can submit another.

The turn around time is usually less than a week, so please no simultaneous submissions.

Authors are entered into a quarterly drawing for a free audiobook at

Please note that these must all be true…

  • You are the original creator of the work
  • You are the copyright holder of the work
  • You are not prohibited by any prior agreement from the transfer of non-exclusive audio rights to the work
  • All information submitted is accurate and truthful – you’re responsible
  • We would also ask our authors to opt-in to be a part of the Patreon complications for audiobook and ebooks.

    Patreon is set up to try to cover the costs of the podcast, has the goals listed. We will be offering audiobook quality audio compilations and ebooks of the episodes for anyone who supports the show. As we get supporters at the higher levels we’ll also be soliciting other works from authors who have opted in to give away to the supporters as bonuses.

    If you opt in, we’ll include your piece in the audio and ebooks. If not, we won’t but nothing else change