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In The Shadow of Monsters: An Anthology

Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and magical bears–weird and wild monsters come out to play in this urban fantasy anthology. Enjoy a little bit of dark and a little bit of humor in these four distinctly different short stories by four different authors including the amazing Ariele Sieling, Stefanie Jolicoeur, and R.T. Donlon.

Unleashed by Mariah Avix: Diane will do whatever it takes to save a dog brought into the shelter from being taken back to the dog fighting ring he escaped from, even when she discovers he’s a werewolf.

Highborn: When Braylen is framed for a murder he didn't commit, he quickly realizes he's being hunted by an ancient collective of vampires that no one has ever seen, let alone heard of.

Death's Seduction: A deceased woman fights the inky recesses of death to solve the mystery surrounding her untimely demise.

She-Bear: When Etele's village is attacked by sky fighters, they all flee to the city. Upon their arrival, they discover that it is abandoned, save for the presence of a great white bear.

Summer Solace

Malcolm needs a summer away to decide if he wants to stay with his cheating wife. His daughter Daisy never wants to see the people who betrayed her.
In a cabin as far from the city as they can get Faye, the park ranger, warns them of fire, woods, and wildlife.
Will either learn to love or trust again or will the forest devour them first.


Oak Stream Hollow

Heather lost her job, her house is in foreclosure. All she needs now is a huge medical bill. But when Heather finds herself transforming, will she find anything in the world worth keeping?

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Dangerous Metal

Eva is happy to get her life back to normal, or as normal as it can for a woman who had half her brain replaced by a computer implant of her own making. Then Ernie, the ex who put a hole in her skull, shows up for dinner with her parents.



A woman, a man, and an AI. A hacker, a psychopath, and a crusader for justice.

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