The Feed feature

Why I podcast and information about how I do the actual recording.

Use Your Voice feature

Features a wonderful preview of The Witch in the Story by Fanni Sütő.

Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast feature

Read about why I started the podcast and a little bit of gear geek out.

Listen to me on Poetry Ponderings Podcast

A wonderful conversation on the power of poetry, flash fiction, and trusting the reader. Plus a bonus short from the Smoke Jumper world.

Listen to me on Wild Pitch

I talk about the podcasting, scary things, and my non-sport sporting skills.

Read more about me on M L Moos

M L Moos is a wonderful author and did a great interview (with her own wonderful commentary!) please check it out.

Featured reading on Varmints!

I read a brief Alfred Lord Tennyson poem.

Read an interview with me as a guest author on Jamie Marchant’s blog

Favorite character (Faye), current book project (Summer Solace), and misconceptions about speculative fiction.

Read an interview with me on Ink, Maps and Macaroons

Some thoughtful questions from Fanni about starting the podcast, voice work, challenges and inspiration.

Listen to me on the Paid to Play Podcast

I had a great interview on the Paid to Play podcast. Host Rob Farquhar and I talked about Hitchhiker’s Guide (which…is the best..of course), trusting the reader, planning, and diversification.

Listen to me on Getting Published

Getting Published is a wonderful podcast to follow along with host Peter Brewster as he aims toward publishing. My interview with him was early in the life of the podcast and was a great chance to chat with another author.

Read an interview with me on The Earthian Hivemind

The Earthian Hivemind interviews sci-fi and fantasy (and horror!) podcasters and it was great to be able to be on the list next to some of my favorites. Also? I had to name episodes I’d recommend. That was a huge challenge. You can see if you think I cheated.


You can read the text from “An Axe” at Celthric, a great site for sci-fi and fantasy fans.


I recorded an extra piece of audio that didn’t make it into the podcast. Have a listen to A Flash In Time from L M Schukraft.

600 Second Saga Promos

You can find promos for all of the playlists and the show overall to use and share and get the word out about the podcast. Contact me and I’m happy to work with you to get whatever format works best for you including embedded players. Just let me know!