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Augmented Revolution by Liam Burke
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Liam Burke is a horror/sci-fi independant author.  He is a father of one, and a husband of another.  He currently works in the IT industry, studies Bujinkan Budo-Taijitsu, and enjoys several types of role playing games.  He has several novellas, which are collections of short stories.  He has released a fairy tale with illustrations, all available through Amazon.


Moments Before

Moments During

Moments After

Tom's Adventure

A Life of Toil or Leisure by Tris Matthews
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Tris Matthews is a London boy (in an achy man's body) who lives in a rapidly developing borough. A natural pessimist, he takes deliberate pleasure in forcing himself to imagine how the future could be bright. He has had a career that skirts around both wordy, artsy stuff and formal science, and is now happily working for a science publishing company. He also loves to read and write sci-fi.
Twitter: @tori_tris