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When Wind Catches by Tori V. Rainn
When Wind Catches.png

Tori V. Rainn resides in Texas where she collects knives, or anything sharp, and pretends to be a ninja. She's a music junkie, loves video games, a member of ACFW, and popcorn addict. She’s currently editing a completed fantasy that she’s darn proud of, well, at least until she goes back and rereads it. Other ongoing projects include yet another fantasy, a paranormal novella boiling hot under her fingers, and various short stories.

Tori writes YA fantasy, horror, sci-fi, paranormal, and speculative, and is always open to branching out to different types of stories, where ever the wind takes her. She has been on this amusing writing journey for nearly seven years, leading to two publications, a children’s story, “The Unseen” featured in The Caterpillar Magazine, and a small story won in a contest, "Pheoclex".