Distance by Soar

Soar is an international poet and storyteller living in Berlin, author of four books on the themes of love, human values, life and positive thinking. Currently a new book and a vinyl are in development, under the project “Poetry-in-Motion”, by ©Soar.

The author is a member of the Society of Authors (UK), Poets&Writers (USA) and collaborates with international magazines in Germany, Italy, UK, Romania and the US (Decanto The Poetry Magazine, Enigma, Lastbench, Flash Literary Journal, Women Move the Soul, Indie Spirit Magazine, Märkische Allgemeine, BW Polyglott - BDÜ Magazine, Schwäbische Zeitung, Woman@Work Magazine, The Munich Eye, The Berlin Eye, Terpress Urbana, Confluente literare). She also organizes the yearly charity event “Love for UNICEF”, where every downloaded book/poem/story at the end of each year goes to the benefit of “Child Survival and Development Program“. Soar graduated from the universities in Romania, France and Germany and she finished her master studies in International Relations in The United Kingdom. She lectures and performs to various artistic events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Further enquiries and booking for interviews, readings, artistic events: www.soaring-words.com info@soaring-words.com

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